The Splintered Wand

The favored pub for witches and wizards for over two centuries! 

Experience the Magic

In efforts to push West and away from oppressive Fallow politics, The Splintered Wand was founded in 9240 A.T. The original construction was funded by Solomon Thaddeus Balch of St. Louis, and settled by his second son, Geoffrey Thaddeus Constantine Balch, who established the House of Balch, Ballard, within its walls. Staffed by magicfolk and stewarded by its resident gnomes, The Splintered Wand has historically operated as a wand shop, beastiary, restaurant, orcphanage, and general sanctuary for those who follow magical pathways in the Pacific Northwest. On the 31st of October (Athyr 10th) of 9418 A.T., it was decided to reveal the magical establishment to the general public, in an attempt to foster a spirit of inclusivity and tolerance. All of us here at the House of Balch invite you into our space, and bid you a very hearty welcome!