Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Are you a Harry Potter themed bar?
    — While we welcome fans of the series, we’re not actually HP themed, nor do we try to emulate it. We are focused on witchcraft and fantasy elements in general, which encompasses a wide variety of fandoms and real-world interest and lore. All lovers of fantasy are welcome here!

  2. Can we wear magical garb?

     While not required, we absolutely encourage all visitors to wear their finest magical garb! 

  3. Where is the entrance?

     While we have a couple doors, the main entrance faces 20th Ave NW, and is right beneath our hanging sign.

  4. Is there parking? 

     The Splintered Wand does not have a dedicated parking lot. There is street parking along 20th Ave. and Ballard, however, it can get quite busy, especially on the weekends. We recommend parking closer to the Ballard Bridge, or up toward Market Street for the best chance at a spot.

  5. Do you have outdoor seating? 

     We don’t currently have outdoor seating, however, we hope to have some in the near future!

  6. Do you have any bar seating?

     Our bar does not have stools it, however, we do have extra tables in the bar area for walk-ins!

  7. What Social Media platforms do you use?

     You can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

  8. Do you allow pets?
    — We allow registered service animals only inside the restaurant.


  1. Is the restaurant 21+?
    —  Only our bar area requires guests to be over the age of 21. Otherwise, little wizards are absolutely allowed!

  2. Do you have high chairs and/or booster seats?
     We do!

  3. Do you have a children’s menu?
    — We do not have a specific menu for children, however, we do have a very child-friendly menu.


  1. Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible? 
    — The first floor of the building is accessible, however, our upper floors have no means of access besides the stairs. If you need to ensure you have a table that is accessible, feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to accommodate.

  2. I have a particular accessibility concern – how to I let the restaurant know?
    — We strive to make sure every guest here is comfortable. If a member of your party has particular needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email so we can make any needed adjustments. 


  1. For birthdays or other celebrations, do you have any special desserts or presentations?
    — We do not have specific presentations for birthdays or other celebrations, however, we are happy to provide candles in desserts ordered for birthdays.

  2. When celebrating a birthday, can we bring our own cake? Do you charge to cut it?
    — Due to state health guidelines, we cannot allow outside food and drink in the restaurant. 


  1. How do I make a reservation?
    — Guests can make reservations for parties of up to 6 on our website. If you have a party of larger then 6, or would like to be added to a cancelation list, contact us via phone or email. 

  2. What is the maximum party size for tables? 
    — On OpenTable, the maximum table size is 6. If you have a party of up to eight, you can call us or send an email to with your requested date and time, and we can see if that space is available. We will not split tables in order to accommodate groups of larger than eight.

  3. When’s the latest you can come in? 
    — Our latest reservation time is 9:30PM. However, we take walk-in parties until 10:30PM on Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday. We take them until 11:30PM on Friday and Saturday.

  4. How do you handle walk-ins?
    — We take walk-ins on a first come, first served basis, usually in the bar area, which is walk-in only. We will take walk-ins in other areas of the restaurant in the event of a last minute cancelation or no show. While we can’t guarantee space, we do try to seat walk-ins when we can. Recently. we opened for limited hours on Mondays and only take walk-ins that day. 

  5. What is the difference between the Main Dining Room, Mezzanine, Bar, and Euphorium? 
    — The bar area, in the pit,  is only open for guests who are 21+. The Main Dining Room is where the majority of our tables are, immediately to the left of the entrance and entirely on the first floor. The Mezzanine is on the 2nd floor, right beside the wand shop. Finally, the Euphorium is it’s own room on the 3rd floor, holding three large tables in a victorian library. The Main Dining Room, Mezzanine, and Euphorium are open for all ages.

  6. I thought I had 4 people coming in but now I have 2 / vice versa. What do I do?
    — If you ever need to change your party size, please give us a call or contact the reservations email! We may need to switch your table depending on the change so we can properly accommodate everyone. Due to the size of the restaurant, having ample time to make adjustments is important to ensure everyone is seated comfortably.

  7. What is your cancelation policy?
    — Our cancelation policy requires you to inform us 48 hours in advance of your reservation time, barring emergency. We charge $50 / person should we be informed after the 48 hour mark, or in the event no call, no show.

  8. How far in advance can  I make a reservation?
    — Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance. For example, if the date is currently October 1st, you could make a reservation on any day up to December 1st.

  9. Do you have a cancelation list? 
    — Yes! Give us a call or email if you find the day you’d like is fully booked. We only need a name, phone number, and party size to add you to the list. We have an individual list for each available day, so have a day/week in mind so we can add you to the specific lists. Additionally, if you have the OpenTable app, you can set notifications for the restaurant to inform you when times open up. 

Food and Drinks

  1. Do you have options for dietary restrictions, such as allergies, vegetarian/vegan options, gluten-free, etc? 
    — We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions! You can check out our menu and see marked items that are, or can be converted into a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free option. Please inform your server of any allergies you have so we can ensure the food you receive is safe to eat. 

  2. Do you do substitutions?
    — We do not generally do substitutions, but if you have a request, ask your server and the kitchen will inform them if it is something we can accommodate.

The Wand Shop

  1. Tell me about the wand-making process. 
    — The wand-making process is discussed in depth on the Balch & Balch ethernet site.
  2. How much do wands cost?
    — Wands are entirely custom made for each individual and are $50 each.

  3. How long does it take to construct a wand?
    — Because of the individual process necessary to craft each wand, it can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of people waiting. We recommend coming by before or after your meal should you be dining!

  4. Do I need a reservation to go to the wand shop?
    — Nope! The wand shop can be visited any time during opening hours, and you do not need to be eating at the restaurant to visit. 

  5. My wand was broken / damaged. Can you fix it?
    — We are happy to repair Balch & Balch broken wands free of charge should the damage be substantial. That said, some surface damage can add character to the wand, so we encourage wizards to dress up their wands’ scars with natural materials.

  6. Can we bring our own cores for wands?
    — We absolutely encourage wizards to bring their own cores that are a suitable size for the wand’s cista mystica, though one will select you should you not bring your own.